ScaryDuck goes to print: Samuel Pepys: Lust for Glory

The weird running man also known as or known to also call himself as or hereforewith referenced to as mr or mrs ScaryDuck has released his latest provision for those annoying trapped-on-a-desolate-island or sick-inna-hedge situations: SAMUEL PEPYS: LUST FOR GLORY He recently got a new webdesign, and I told him: I like your new design. […]

Truckin' June 2011, Vol. 10, Issue 6: Happy 9 Years of Truckin!

Yeah, that’s right! The decade old online rag of world-weary travellers’ tales has just turned 9 years old, and I’m celebrating tonight in Oslo by drinking Red Stripe beer (a Jamaican brew). The site was created by Pauly, edited by Change100 (big shout-out!) and written by some 120 alcoholics with typewriters. I have not published […]

Truckin' January 2011, Vol. 10, Issue 1: What's the Last 3 Topics?

With a Happy New Year comes another edition of Truckin’! Keen readers will have noticed that we’re entering the 10th year of Truckin’, champagne all around! I mean, it depends on how you count it, like Wikipedia turns 10 with regards to 10 years completed. Truckin’ on the other hand is celebrating its coming of […]

Truckin' December 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 12: Call me on Christmas!

This month I’ve got a little concept story for you which is work-related. I’m sure most of you will be familiar with it however, I’m sorry to say. I wish a merry Christmas to all the readers and writers of Truckin’ and look forward to Twenty-Eleven. Esteemed author of Lost Vegas mr. Pauly says: The […]

Truckin' October 2010: Who Screwed Jonny Hughes in High School?

The October issue of Truckin’ takes a break from the lowest common denominator, i.e. me, to introduce new & fresh talent, the innocent and beautiful angel tears scarred down on e-paper, akin to that of the very gospel itself. But not to worry, I’ll be back next month! Pauly writes: The October issue marks the […]