To all the ravers in the nation

Yesterday, I received a parcel containing the Dune album from Dune (1995), which kids today would call EDM or something. It’s a nice album containing Hardcore vibes, Positiv energy and the infamous Are you ready to fly? single, which were choice tunes from my early teens. It’s a nice, fast-paced album with just enough high-pitched […]

When it just hits that spot

There’s a small airline company in Norway running mostly local hikes with small passenger planes and mail. I took this photo embarking the northern postal route. Anyway, their latest commercial has a soundtrack that won’t leave you alone: So this is Daughter and the song is called Youth. It’s "buildup" music, kinda chick-rock, and not […]

UPGRADE: Crescent and other old sites are up!

I found my pages on a USB hard disk drive laying around here. That was a close call, since my former host had deleted their backups of my stuff. Anyway, these old pages include notably: Crescent Kids In the Morgue I’ll re-up the two KIM tracks when I finally get around to putting […]