RIP Stephen Hawking

Hawking was and still is a great personal inspiration to me. Whenever I saw him in a documentary or on TV, or just heard his enigmatic voice, I would feel that the dream is not dead. Rest in peace.

Hawking was a brilliant scientist, and he also gave us a warning. It is crucial to our survival as a species that we don’t remain on this one planet alone. If history, art, philosophy, music, beer and cheese burgers are to survive in the cold nothingness of space, we must back up our spiritual heritage onto several galactic locations. Otherwise, everything could be accidentally deleted in an instance, by our own doing, by a global catastrophe or a rouge piece of rock and ice.

Going North of the Wall for our summer vacation

Bollicks to this, we’re off to Nordland!

It’s that time of year again, when we lay down our worries, undervolt our ghetto Bitcoin miners, climb into the VW Golf and head up north. This year, no different than last year, I will be writing on my MA thesis. It should have been finished a long time ago, and while I feel that I’m closing in on the 80% mark, I’m glad I was able to extend my writing term by one semester. I will also be looking at finishing up version 2.0 of Back in a minute which is quite a few months overdue now.

The weather here in Oslo is great at the moment. Sunny, dry, warm. Where we’re headed, on the other hand, it’s 10°C, cloudy and rain. Snow still in the mountains.. *sigh* We will be bringing our Game of Thrones collection with us, to continue the annual summer GoT marathon under the blood red midnight sun.

While we both enjoy the freedom of the asphalt life, this is also a holiday that serves our budget. I’m 100% not-working and 45% not-writing, so the quite pregnant Lady C is both breadwinner and making me her bitch, even at a current 50% employment due to her condition. I’ll be sure to do as she says though, that pimp hand mighty strong, otherwise she’ll be whoring me out at service stations for diesel and sandwiches.. But we’ll be alright up north, where there’s less stuff to spend money on and plenty of fish in the sea. Like, literally. Lady C wants us to put the boat out and live off the bounty of the fjords.

Thankfully, the selling point of mobile broadband (UMTS, HSDPA and LTE) in our mountainous country has been coverage, coverage, coverage; and today I discovered that there’s been a 4G LTE mast setup not far from our home in the north. Unfortunately, we don’t have any LTE equipment, but if they put up new masts I bet they upped the amp on 3G as well. Last year, for the first time in my testing, we had stable indoor 3G. It makes life so much more agreeable when I’m writing and just have to fact-check somethisigg3.netays ago I stopped using Reddit since it was taking over so much of my time and attention, so perhaps we’ll even stay below the cap this year.

I’ll be focusing on re-structuring some of my text for the MA thesis, ironing out logically sound definitions and reasoning, but most of all I will try to relax somewhat. The last month up until a meeting I had with my supervisor was really hard, as pollen allergies and thesis-depression made my head a grey and dull, cloudy place to be in. Having regular meetings with someone who can read and understand my text is a lifesaver in that regard. I am confident of how to proceed at the moment, and I have a pretty good overview of what needs to be done and how. If I can do what I’ve set out to do this summer, it will be awesome. We’re expecting sudden parenthood in September, so anything I can finish up before the arrival is most excellent.

I hope you’ll have a great vacation too and that, wherever you are, you enjoy life, beer and summer!

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me…

Today I’m turning 30 years old! Three decades. 30% of a century. That is old!

This is an automated message, so don’t think I’m taking time off from our brilliant BARCELONA adventure to write this, I got modern technology up in this biatch, posting me memes, keepin’ it cool.

And in 10 years, I’ll be forty……..! So; Happy Birthday To Me! Have a beer.

Bollicks to this, we’re off to Barcelona!

Yes. We’re leaving snow-fogged rain for sunny BCN, brilliant architecture, art and Spanish cuisine!

You say Winter is coming? We say: Bring it on, let us just pack our bags first!

We dropped off the dog at C’s mum’s an hour ago, now we’re going to have a pizza, watch some TV, finish packing and get ready for our red-eyed flight tomorrow morning. Have a good one!

Absolutely No Joke this year!?

Today I usually have a planned or improvised April Fools joke on, but not this year.

Friday I handed in the first 20% of my MA thesis and also accidentally discovered that we were scheduled for having our windows replaced today. They decided this was the time to do it because of some change in insulation regs next year, which could make it even more expensive.

All weekend was pretty much in preparation for the job. Yesterday I spent six-seven hours rolling out paper on the floor and putting everything in plastic.

Today, I got up at 5:30 a.m. which is around 4-5 hours earlier than usual, and the construction team entered at 7. Half an hour after that we put the dog in the car and drove him to C’s mother. Had a cup of coffee, and agreed that C would stay behind with Elvis trying to get some sleep. While I, on the other hand, was going to drive back home and keep an eye out for problems, documenting the steps and make coffee. Spending 1,5 year on a flat makes it your baby. I sometimes feel like I know more about the flat than I do about myself. So when someone from the outside world come to change it, it better be good.

I was quickly realizing that the company we’d hired weren’t amateurs looking for a quick buck and hiding behind foreclosure strategies. They were organized and well trained to do their particular parts, which rendered me being there a lot less necessary.
I went to a café in my neighborhood and bought a double latte, and brought it back to the garden. The flat looked like a bombed out ruin by now, huge holes where the windows would be. So the wind was blowing right through it, making it colder than just sitting outside. Also, my AP is so powerful I easily get Wifi in the garden.

After the coffee, I had some more photos to shoot, but then nothing to do. So I went for a walk, without the dog, looking like an unemployed construction worker aimlessly wandering around, at the park, along the roads, at the Botanical Garden of Oslo.. Lady C and Elvis joined me in the garden around noon, well rested, bringing lunch and good company, and the sun was finally starting to work as advertised. Since the nut across the hall refused to let anyone in, ours was the flat in focus today, thus they finished earlier, around 2pm. C left for work and Elvis was happy for all the attention.

Around 7 pm I finished taking out the dusty paper and plastic covers to the bins, vacuuming and cleaning all the rooms and finally putting my computer room back in order. Then I had to take the dog outside again, play with him some, play Left 4 Dead 2 some and a little no More Room in Hell, until it was now.

Now I am hungry and exhausted, stretching on the mini couch in the computer room with a snoring Boston Terrier squeezing me further to the edge. And I have no energy left for April Fools day shenanigans, hence the present message. I am not convinced that the windows needed changing, but I’m glad it’s partially completed. Now remains the finishing touches which, happily, Lady C is much better at than me. I hope you had a great day, however, and many fine jokes to chuckle at. Have a cheese burger! That is at least what I intend to do once C returns from work and order is restored in the galaxy.

Edit: Pics or it didn’t happen!
Changing the kitchen window
This is the kitchen window, having been almost taken out completely..

Happy Birthday Elvis!

It’s the little guy’s birthday today! Typing on a cell so this will be short and sweet; Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Why are you bothering me?

It’s hard to understand that we have had our Boston Terrier for two years. When I think of earlier days, it’s like he’s there with us.

He’s an annoying, little bastard; but just the same, full of love and joy. I’m visiting family in the west, and I miss his snoring already.