Well, that was interesting!

Well, that was interesting! We spent 2 weeks in the North alone with the dog and the VW Golf this summer. Having spent the first few days cutting grass, I got really ill. Then it slowly cleared up, and the second week Lady C got ill. After the two weeks we had to return to Oslo to get back to work.

But I must say it was a relaxing vacation, for once. No hassle, we could go wherever we wanted to, we heard a lot of podcasts and had a few beers. Just what the doctor ordered. Except for the viral infection, of course.

I’m just writing this to announce that we’re both very much alive. It’s just been real hell working two weeks proper, then starting studies and volunteer work, two new clients on the side, and of course all the regular odd jobs that has to be done around here.

I was supposed to create a new theme for the website this summer, but instead I carried on one of my pet projects coded in BASH. Didn’t have the creative drive to visualize and experiment, so I ended up solving programmatic puzzles instead.

But I’m getting there! I promise.

UPGRADE: Video embeds are back!

Today I noticed that all the videos were missing. It turns out that an import filter in WordPress 3.5 and newer skips all iframe and object embeds, and since manually going through 1500 posts finding their long forgotten youtube, vimeo or google video links is a major PITA I decided to clear out the database and re-install from scratch.

And now, finally, the videos are working again and we’re back to the same config I had a couple of hours ago. But I’d rather do that than lose all of that information. Especially since it turns out WordPress’ built-in youtube tags does NOT work.

Anyway, this is why the posts since the install have weird timestamps:)

Remind me to disable the annoying notification e-mails I’m sending to myself. Every time I change something I get two e-mails about it "from the Team @ Sigg3.net". It’s nice to have a team, though. We have identical T-shirts, a Nespresso coffee machine operated by George Clooney, a golden retriever that’s trained to fetch beer in the fridge and a midget that only works half-time. In fact, this post was brought to you by the Team @ Sigg3.net!
And the videos and stuff.
Better not mess with the Team @ Sigg3.net… rebel scum!

UPGRADE: Crescent and other old sites are up!

I found my home.no.net pages on a USB hard disk drive laying around here. That was a close call, since my former host had deleted their backups of my stuff. Anyway, these old pages include notably:

I’ll re-up the two KIM tracks when I finally get around to putting the Crescent recordings online. But now I have to let that sweet, tender BBQ meat Lady C made for us sink in first.

UPGRADE: Images are back!

After a couple of hours pulling my hair out over some loops in my .htaccess file, I was able to restore old functionality to Sigg3.net again. This means that the following links should work:

Yes, they are horrible sites I KNOW, but I’ll keep ’em around for legacy. Why not just keep em where they were? Because my web root directory was getting really cluttered. Now it’s all safe and sound in sigg3.net/site/legacy/. There might still be a loop somewhere, but for now I’m gonna need some breakfast!

I had to write a quick shell script to search and replace some PHP 4.0 coding with PHP 5 compatible alternatives. That old image script is rendered absolute by WordPress’ media uploader, but it has served me well since I wanted something quick and dirty (or quicker and dirtier than FTP) to up images back in 2010.

This whole enterprise is to make sure old posts don’t end up like heroin addicts or politicians.. all empty inside.. Instead, they’re filled with crap like this or this or even this.

I also need to start using the tags. If you’ve got good eyes, you’ll see them at the bottom of this post.. If you don’t, here’s my TRAKTO.BMP from 1996:

I seriously need food. Almost time for dinner and still no breakfast.

EDIT: Since my previous host changed their systems during my stay, I’ve managed to drop some files from my backup, including the old Crescent site backup (available at archive.org). I am confident I have them in a backup somewhere, I just need to filter through them. Add it to my ever-growing TODO list.

UPGRADE: Just in time for another trip

I’m back from a full week of rain in a South Norwegian forest, yay! And as you can see, Sigg3.net is back on track too. Or at least, we’ve got the posts back, the permanent links function again, all the comments and comment authors are preserved and we’re ready to take it from here to where we need to go. What’s missing you say?

It’s like, pretty obvious.

All my pictures are missing at the moment. I used a PHP based picture uploading tool to avoid too many FTP logins (FTP is completely insecure), that I have yet to setup. So until I’ve got that sorted, it’s gonna look a little empty around here. In the meantime, enjoy yourself with this WWII colour photograph of a hot Nazi sympathiser shooting a rifle at a Luftwaffe cabin, recently discovered by museum leader William Hakvaag. Guns with girls are hot, regardless of sympathies. And I just had a tab open that needed talking about but didn’t have a reasonable association.. Anyway.

Priority two is the theme or layout. I have had many different layouts on Sigg3.net over the years, but the last one with the top gradient stayed put for quite a few years while I was lacking ideas for anything newer.

Third, I will have to start using the categories and tags for better SEO and usability.

But all of this will have to wait because tomorrow afternoon me, Lady C, Elvis (our puppy) and my brother Koew and our cousin Arni will be driving down south again to the cabin I just left! We’re gonna spend a couple of days there marinating in boardgames and beer, before we’re joining the rest of the family tree to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We’ll be back at the end of the weekend, so until then, enjoy the sun!

UPGRADE: Reload db table after messin with Permalinks

Note to self: Since you installed WP as a network site (you dolt!) you will have to hack around the WordPress permalink bug that adds a /blog/ to the URL by default.

Follow these steps from Lobo as admin:

  1. Setup Permalinks in Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks and Save 
  2. Now go Network admin->Sites click Edit by Sigg3.net 
  3. Scroll down to Permalink structure and edit as needed 
  4. Head back to the page in 1) but do NOT change or click save.

Apparently, it’s the last step that updates the db table to make any changes to the .htaccess take effect. This is a bug, gentlemen. But it has the same familiar air to it that the early and, to be honest, later days of b2 had. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.