Pollresults on "What's your most used social network protocol?"

There hasn’t been an update in the Weekly polls since, what, EVER? If EVER’s in the last two years, then yes. (Nice try, Sigg3, how about January 8th 2008?.) This is probably something you shouldn’t actually write, just think, and ignore. Anyway, in order of appearance: What’s your most used social network protocol? Instant Messaging […]

Poll #27: What's your most used social network protocol?

This is a question I was asked recently, and found myself unable to answer. Poll #27: «What’s your most used social network protocol?» Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, Pidgin) IP phone IMs (Skype) SMS text messaging (online and phone) Facebook or similar E-mailing and mailing lists Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Message boards and internet forums Community […]

Pollresults on "When you come into a crowded elevator you.."

I’d call this an uninteresting take on an interesting problem. I think the elevator-situation is especially trying on anti-social personalities such as myself. I tend to snarl at people, or sniff their necks to smell the fear, which always cause a bit of unease until we reach the next floor and I get the place […]

Pollresults on "Where do you eat out?"

Fastfood chains (McDonald’s): 2% Pizza places (Dolly’s): 5% Delis (Subway): 2% Kebab places: 51% Oriental: 5% Restaurants/caf├ęs/kiosks: 27% I don’t: 5% Number of votes: 37 From what I see in these statistics, only 4% of Sigg3.net readers are distinguishing themselves as top- or bottom-feeders (Delis or fastfood chains respectively). I admit that I have bought […]