Poll #28: Do you read on the loo?

You know when you read something and you’re like "OMFG! That’s just like me!" or some immediate response of recognition? Well, you’re lame.

At least that’s what I thought until I saw this. Epic. Or at least: Accurate. So that gives me reason enough to kill three years of silence and blow the dust off my long-gone weekly poll feature!

Poll #28: «Do you read on the loo?»
Not at all
I read the daily paper
I read magazines or comics
I read blogs etc. on my smartphone
I read and write SMS on my cellphone
I talk on my cellphone
I sing songs

I plan to revive this feature just like I plan to revive my website. As before you can vote to your heart’s content, and I will arbitrarily change the poll question in the next 3-5 years. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Myself I read Slashdot on the loo: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Even though the articles on the frontpage of the last 2 years have mattered less to me, they sometimes provide great reading material during the daily morning work-out. I don’t print out the /. articles, no, I read them on my smartphone. Remember that the next time you wanna steal my phone: You know exactly where it’s been! Right now I just can’t believe I haven’t polled this question before, it seems like such an obvious one. Anyway, thanks for voting!

Pollresults on "What's your most used social network protocol?"

There hasn’t been an update in the Weekly polls since, what, EVER? If EVER’s in the last two years, then yes. (Nice try, Sigg3, how about January 8th 2008?.) This is probably something you shouldn’t actually write, just think, and ignore. Anyway, in order of appearance:

What’s your most used social network protocol?
Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, Pidgin): 15%
IP phone IMs (Skype): 2%
SMS/MMS text messaging (online and phone): 47%
Facebook or similar: 2%
E-mailing and mailing lists: 13%
Internet Relay Chat (IRC): 0%
Message boards and internet forums: 0%
Community sites and blogging: 2%
Face-to-face and traditional tech: 15%

Number of votes: 38

I don’t feel these results are accurate at all since the poll’s been going steady for like, three years, I’m probably 50% of the respondents. I would bet SMS and Facebook to be on top. And since the sort-by-category function doesn’t work right now (or ever) people don’t (or can’t) look it up either. This is what Isaac Asimov‘s talking about right here. THE DECLINE OF AN EMPIRE starts with a blog, ye mark my words. I’m glad to finally update it.

Poll #27: What's your most used social network protocol?

This is a question I was asked recently, and found myself unable to answer.

Poll #27:
Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, Pidgin)
IP phone IMs (Skype)
SMS text messaging (online and phone)
Facebook or similar
E-mailing and mailing lists
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Message boards and internet forums
Community sites and blogging
Face-to-face and ancient tech

I know the list isn’t exhaustive or technologically fair, I mean, some people (like dogs) communicate by sniffing’ each other’s bum holes. But I think it just about covers the essential ones that I could come up with from the top of my head. Myself I use IMs all the time, even on my new phone, but since I do a lot of e-mailing at work I’m not sure what the de facto "communication ratio" is really like. I had a Facebook account before I came across the CIA conspiracy theory, at which point I deactivated it, but I guess if you search for ‘lumberjack’ in occupations you’ll still find me in there. Or maybe try ‘friggin awesome’.

Despite what some people are saying on slashdot and similar sites, IRC is very much alive. is living proof of this, although the image you’ll probably get after reading bash involves a lot of racial prejudice and pedophilia. Which is not exactly the true picture of IRC, albeit a questionable side of it. So if you’re a sexual predator, I guess you’ll vote for IRC. But whenever I have a linux-related problem that I can’t find the answer to, IRC has always been there to help me out of it. And text-messaging? I often forget that it actually costs money. Anyway, thanks for voting!

Pollresults on "When's the last time you saw a midget?"

Just like I feared it turns out that midget sightings have dropped considerably from ancient times. That is, if my readership is somewhat equally distributed across the globe and is not too paranoid to leave their mother’s cellar once in a while. Of course, if you are one of the few who has a midget in the cellar please write me a line about it. There are experiments to be done here. Anyway, here’s the scientific data that you asked for:

When’s the last time you saw a midget?
Today: 0%
Not a week ago: 20%
1-4 weeks ago: 6%
1-4 months ago: 6%
A year ago: 13%
More than a year: 46%
It’s called Little People, you asshole: 6%

Number of votes: 30

As you can see almost 60% of the participants have not seen a single midget for about a year or more. From what I gather about social constructions, this means that 60% of my readers have NOT been to New York for a long time. I have never been to New York, but having seen a lot of American movies I have come to the startling realization that New York must be the midget capital of the world. It’s only a question of time before you get specially constructed midget sky scrapers with more than twice the capacity! Just ask the 20% who see midgets everywhere.

Another point of interest is that not a single person saw a midget on the same day as the intricate questionnaire was answered. Would it be mere speculation to infer from these statistics that midgets are too short for short-term memory, and that they instead linger on like memorable nodes in the long-term memory? Or are they simply too easily overlooked?

Only a feeble 6% were provoked or had any issue whatsoever with the seemingly prejudiced views expressed by the questionnaire. I’m not too sure what to read from that except You’re All A Bunch of Racist Bastards! Myself, I would never drag my good name and reputation through the mud by accepting such discriminatory prejudice labels without any opposition. Nah, I’m just too good for that sort of thing. Every person is as valuable as any other person, be it half-size or triple, as long we all agree that I’m definitely better than all of y’all. Thanks for your willful participation!

Poll #26: When's the last time you saw a midget?

This post is all thanks to who’s been having dreams about midgets the last four days, and who will take the scorn if the shit hits the fan. This idea came after a friend of his told about a midget working in their convenient store. I pondered the possibilities of shelf-stocking that it could entail, the way you could make small businesses (pun intended) more efficient through midget labour. From out of nowhere my brother remarked that the last couple of years there’s been less midgets around.. "Whereas before..?" his friend asked. "They were everywhere."

When the FSM created the world He created . But that was around 6,000 years ago. What about today? Are we seeing a decline in midget populations? Have they all been consumed by the Jack Ass bug? Have they gone, as it were, underground? Intriguing possibilities, friends, which is why I made the 26th just now to map out the facts. ‘Cause fact’s what this blog’s all about.

Poll #26: «When’s the last time you saw a midget?»
Not a week ago
1-4 weeks ago
1-4 months ago
A year ago
More than a year
It’s called Little People, you asshole

So go ahead and vote, people! And remember that it’s not true what they say; Good Fortune to He who Rub a Midget. Rub a midget the wrong way and you’re dead. And if you think this post was somewhat racist, you’re wrong again. I find midgets of all colours equally amusing. Except the blue midgets. They’re scary.

Pollresults on "When you come into a crowded elevator you.."

I’d call this an uninteresting take on an interesting problem. I think the elevator-situation is especially trying on anti-social personalities such as myself. I tend to snarl at people, or sniff their necks to smell the fear, which always cause a bit of unease until we reach the next floor and I get the place all to myself.. And when I’m alone I look at myself in the mirrors, from all the angles, or pretend that I’m several clones of myself. The results:

When you come into a crowded elevator you..
…feel like yelling, acting out: 7%
…are afraid it will fall: 3%
…are worried about your belongings: 7%
…giggle nervously: 46%
…hum to (the elevator) music: 19%
…rub up against strangers: 0%
…think inappropriate thoughts: 7%
…try to fart: 3%
…panic!: 3%

Number of votes: 26

Thanks for participating, and thanks for being so patient about my level of updating!

Poll #25: When you come into a crowded elevator you..

I have been very lazy in terms of keeping up with all my features and the is one of them. They are many, and there be dragons. There is no apology for that, so I will simply refuse to apologize. One reason has been that I found most of the pre-meditated poll questions out-right uninteresting. One of the few I put in the bin was even about weekly polls.. so I had to make it more personal. Yes. Sink my teeth into you, like Hannibal would say.

This morning I wholly avoided the elevator and WALKED up the four floors because there were too many people in it. But suppose you’ve neglected that chance, and you’re standing in the middle of it; what do you do?

Poll #25: «When you come into a crowded elevator you..»
…feel like yelling, acting out
…are afraid it will fall
…are worried about your belongings
…giggle nervously
…hum to (the elevator) music
…rub up against strangers
…think inappropriate thoughts
…try to fart

There are several other alternatives I could have included, or hundreds, but I think they reflect too much my own elevatorobia. I think I have scared the shit out of many of my co-workers standing in the elevator, with an inward giggle and the grin of Donnie Darko. But usually it ends well. Usually.

Pollresults on "Where do you eat out?"

Fastfood chains (McDonald’s): 2%
Pizza places (Dolly’s): 5%
Delis (Subway): 2%
Kebab places: 51%
Oriental: 5%
Restaurants/cafés/kiosks: 27%
I don’t: 5%

Number of votes: 37

From what I see in these statistics, only 4% of Sigg3.net readers are distinguishing themselves as top- or bottom-feeders (Delis or fastfood chains respectively).
I admit that I have bought meals from fast food chains – once in McDonald’s and once in Burger King – and I also enjoy a good Subway Sandwhich. But because of my home being Oslo right now I tend to go for the Eastern places, most frequently the kebab kind, saturday night. Kebab is manna to the drunk and weary. Thanks for your participation!

Poll #24: Where do you eat out?

When I was little, we were taught that you had to sing for the food. Even in pre-school we did that, although not religious songs. I never liked it, and I still don’t.
It implies that the food is listening.
I don’t like that at all.

But today there are other compelling reasons not to sing out loud before stuffing yourself, and they don’t include weak jokes about taxidermists.
You might have twenty minutes to spare, and you eat at McDonald’s. I don’t (I prefer not to finanze rainforest deforestation, thank you) but you might. Or you might have forty minutes to spare and you eat a sandwhich at Subway. It happens.
And so far I’ve never observed anyone kneeling down in prayer or extending arms to sing a jolly oh Lord, thanking Him for the tortured, tasteless piece of swine, embedded in sweat lettuce and smothered in grease, that they’re about to eat. But that probably happens too.

But that’s beside the point.
I want to know where you eat most often, when you eat out.

Poll #24: «Where do you eat out?»
Fastfood chains (McDonald’s)
Pizza places (Dolly’s)
Delis (Subway)
Kebab places
I don’t

Please weight your choice by ‘most typical place I eat out’. If there are three equal places, vote three times. Thanks:)