UPGRADE: Crescent and other old sites are up!

I found my home.no.net pages on a USB hard disk drive laying around here. That was a close call, since my former host had deleted their backups of my stuff. Anyway, these old pages include notably: chrifos.tk Crescent Kids In the Morgue I’ll re-up the two KIM tracks when I finally get around to putting […]

UPGRADE: Images are back!

After a couple of hours pulling my hair out over some loops in my .htaccess file, I was able to restore old functionality to Sigg3.net again. This means that the following links should work: http://sigg3.net/myself/fuck.html http://sigg3.net/oldarchive/ http://sigg3.net/poems/ Yes, they are horrible sites I KNOW, but I’ll keep ’em around for legacy. Why not just keep […]

UPGRADE: Reload db table after messin with Permalinks

Note to self: Since you installed WP as a network site (you dolt!) you will have to hack around the WordPress permalink bug that adds a /blog/ to the URL by default. Follow these steps from Lobo as admin: Setup Permalinks in Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks and Save  Now go Network admin->Sites click Edit by Sigg3.net  Scroll down […]