Did you know?

Did you know that the speed of gravity is the speed at which changes in the location of an object propagate their gravitational effects to all other objects in the Universe? Me neither, but now we do. Read more @ www.WikiPedia.org Did you know that my friend Mirza or DJMib (yes, the same guy you […]


Listen; I just woke up… It’s 6 p.m and time for breakfast.. Geez! Did some stupid shit last night. Nothing I will regret, being temporarily insane, but it was nevertheless stupid things to do. Here’s how the events occoured: Beer at my place, watching a really entertaining children’s story with my brother and sister Kornelius […]

Mack beer…

A Norwegian notice to the best beer-brewery in Norway: Mack; STEM MACK! (07.09.01) Nord-Norges eneste ølbryggeri trenger din stemme for å kunne bevare viktige, nord-norske arbeidsplasser! Dette er innledninga i en annonse som kjøres i nord-norske aviser i disse dager.