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Who?? My name is Christian Fossbakk and this is my selfdedicated homepage:)
Where?? Well, I'm an eighteen year old boy from Laberg, the most rocking place in the world. Laberg lies in Salangen in Northern Norway.
Any School?? Oh yeah, I've finished the general course (well not yet actually), and right now I'm working as an apprentice as a Norwegian paramedic. I really like the thrill you get from entering a crash-scene with bodies all over the place..
Hobbies?? Naturally! I like my apprentice situation, then there's girls and last but not least: I play in a rockgroup known as Crescent..
Crescent?? It's a grungeband with three members, I play the bassguitar and sing backing vocals. Crescent released their first record in february 2002 and we're working on the next one. You can find a link to our homepage in the link section.
Good lookin'?? You bet! This page was first of all made as a gatherpoint for all of my groupies, but then I realized I might as well have friends dropping by too..
Is there any way I can contact you?? Of course! You can drop a message in my guesbook, or if you like you can email me at: !

Thanks for signing my guesbook!
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