Just a little note here..

The voting does not begin until the 1st of November, and if I´ve said something else before then it is overruled respectively by this message.

How to vote? Don´t treat me like an amateur, I´ve got it all sorted out; I´ve made a poll which hasn´t been made available to the public yet, but it will be. It is cookie-enabled, meaning that it feeds your computer with a cookie (a small, innocent textfile) when you´ve voted which should make it difficult to vote several times. If your browser isn´t cookie-enabled, you should fix this in the browser settings or else you might miss your chance to support your female:)

I´ve done this to prevent bat-voting (using a self-written program to vote for you again and again and again), to make the competition funnier. Now, this does not mean that it is illegal to vote more than once. If you like 3 out of 12 girls, you should vote for all of them:)

And this is important: DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR VOTE(s)!

3 thoughts on “Just a little note here..

  1. Så stemiingen er hemmelig? Og det er ikke ulovlig å stemme flere gang (mao, mindre moralske betenkeligheter)? Jaja, da kan vi allerede gratulere Angelina Jolie med en overlegen seier.

  2. Set var da seff en kødd. Noen som vil selge stemmen sin? btw Sigge. Du skrev den 28de at det er 2 døgn igjen til bla bla bla. 28+2=30. Hvis du tenkte på 2 dager etter 28de, så vil man komme til den 31 første siden denne mnd har 31 dager. Men samma faen. Hvor lenge vil stemmingen pågå?

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