If I got paid at all..

If I got paid for all those processes running day and night at this place, I’d be a very wealthy man.. In four minutes I will have been her for twelve hours, that is, half a day. And sometimes I get really low on evenings like these. People don’t understand how much work it is when something doesn’t go according to plan, when a two hour deal takes six, and when your bloated heap of bubbly features over an NT kernel which you call an operating system just crashes in the middle of it.

So you throw a service pack after it. ‘Cause there’s no way to fix it. You just have to serve it. So you do, and you point and click the update thingie, ’cause the manual way is much faster than the quote unquote automatic. And it stands there for half an hour saying Preparing to download. The progress bar goes nice and fast until it reaches half-way into the preparations. That’s where it slows down to a near halt.

After your "download preparations" you gotta wait for it to actually download anything, at what point the devil’s developers didn’t find it useful to include a progress bar at all. They’ve got it there in graphics but it’s either at position null or complete. But you can’t leave the computer just yet, because when it has finished its downloads you gotta Verify them, which takes just as long. What happened to md5sum?

As soon or rather, as late as it gets verified, you can finally click the Next button to commence the actual installation. This is the point where you leave the computer for the other offices where there are more tasks going on in the automatic hell known as Information Technology. When you’re the last one in the building and your night’s just been extended by at least four hours, you gotta wonder why you’re not doing something else. Something lucrative. Like driving garbage.

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