Poetry is on it's way to Sigg3 dot net!

For those of you that never have checked out poems.sigg3.net; it’s about time! Check out some old work of mine. Judge me for what you think it’s worth. Spit at it and pray for your sanity’s salvation! Do it, and do it properly:)

Let’s check out some poetry, people! In the spirit of dadaism, I’m picking out a random poet from the index of poets over at Representative Poetry Online:
… and I picked: Herman Melville (1819-1891)! Appearently he was "born August 1st, 1819, in New York City, was educated at the New York Male High School (1825-29), Grammar School of Columbia College (1829-30), and Albany Academy (1830-31). He entered service in merchant shipping in 1839 and travelled the seas until 1844. This life led him to pen novels of the sea" etc. etc. etc. Read more at the poet’s own page.

Here’s what the old skipper has to say to us:


To have known him, to have loved him
After loneness long;
And then to be estranged in life,
And neither in the wrong;
And now for death to set his seal —
Ease me, a little ease, my song!
By wintry hills his hermit-mound
The sheeted snow-drifts drape,
And houseless there the snow-bird flits
Beneath the fir-trees’ crape:
Glazed now with ice the cloistral vine
That hid the shyest grape.

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