A quick greeting from Nyala (Darfur)

Hello world!
Have you ever used the expression "in the middle of nowhere"? If you have, please stop using it until you really know what’s it about. I saw it today. It’s called a ‘desert’. And I actually saw people living there too! Incredible.

And you might ask: So where the hell is Sigg3 right now?
Good question. I’m in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur in Sudan.
It’s nowhere all around me, and I’m in the middle of it.

I saw the White and the Blue Nile before coming here, and after being installed in the NRC* guesthouse I was immediately set to work. Not quite, since I’m sitting here writing to you guys, but still.. (*Norwegian Refugee Council)

I’m glad to tell you that I’ve started shooting some photographs and that I’ve kept a fairly updated travellog so far. Look forward to my entry on the domestic flights! Gotto love Sudanese domestic flights.. or not. Well, see you around!

Greetings from Nyala, South-Darfur.
And remember people: if the sun doesn’t kill you, something else will.

2 thoughts on “A quick greeting from Nyala (Darfur)

  1. Hey Sigg3! I am back! And so is the Bloon! Check it out and tell me what you think: http://www.bloonlabs.com. It sounds like your having a good time in Sudan, I hope all goes well… Ill be looking forward to your posts about your trip, sound like it will be funny. Also, send me a e-mail when you can about when the GCP will be up, I can’t wait to start posting! Catch ya lata.

  2. Bloonlabs is green, man. Crystal green. Super green. Any kind of green you like. Snotty green? No. Not snotty green.

    Btw, Sudan is not the funny place it must sound like.

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