Last five flicks I saw

Starring the good, ol’ Peter Cusher as the good doctor himself, I found the plot and effects more intruiging than I first had imagined. Yes, the special effects are simple, but they are also tuned down unlike modern cinema where the fx make most of the plot.
This is the sequel to the original movie about a doctor who created an artificial human gone wrong. Doctor Frankenstein was sentenced to death, but in the beginning of this film we see how he escapes the guillotine at the last moment. Then we follow him to his new practice in another town three years later.
This time he knows that an artificial brain won’t do. You must settle for the real thing. At this revelation I pondered: Then how is this going to be interesting? He’s just creating another human being…? I was surprised on the turn the plot took to make it sufficiently creepy.
Good old classic, nothing to be afraid of, see it with a girl.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this movie, it was probably around the fifth. First of all, let me commemorate Kubrick as among the greatest artists in film. When you chase ancient history of movie-making for just the right kind of lense that will portray light the right way for the atmosphere, you are an artist. (That was for Barry Lyndon.)
If you look at the acting in this film, you’ll see that most of the cast are type-cast, except for young Alex who is found to be deeper than society judges him.
And this movie is more about society than of violent sub-cultures. Thought provocing indeed.

Jesus Franco is well-known for his semi-pornographic horrorfilms, and you get the idea by reading through some of his famous titles: The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos, Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties, Swedish Nympho Slaves etc (full filmography). He has made and written a long series of sadistic films of art, experimenting with Freudian symbolism and light/shade filming. And he does have a sense for nocturnal beauty, the goth thing:)
I loved this film.
Christina von Blanc, the ‘virgin’ in the title, is nude or half-nude in all scenes. She’s not a brilliant actor, I’d say, even though she’s convincingly naive and has a really great – – behind. Ahem. Franco probably casted her for that, since he’s constantly zooming in on it when the dreaded Christina is asleep and having her nightmares. Why don’t you see for yourself? Here’s free movie clips from the film:D
I especially enjoyed the scene where she woke up and found a big, black clay penis standing on the floor. Gotta love Jesus Franco. Not many living dead innit, tho, and I had been looking forward to some slasher gore. But you can’t have it all. Good thing it had some nudity at least.

A charity thing the Monty Python did for Amnesty International in the early eighties. If you know what Monty Python is all about, you know that this is not stand-up comedy in any sense, but nevertheless a jaw-breaking performance (in terms of laughter).
A must-see for any MP fan, and recommended to those who’d like a dip into the world of Monty Python’s most famous sketches.
The first time I saw this one, I re-wound it and saw it again!

First ever rap "documentary" I’ve seen, and as an amateur to the old hip-hop wars of America, it really helped me understand some of the basics in this not-forgotten history. As most of us know, B.I.G was shot and killed in 1997, the MC of Junior M.A.F.I.A (Junior Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes) and historically one of the best known MCs.
Following his death there were alot of controversies and conspiracy theories. This DVD tries to clear things up a little, at least from the group’s point of view.
You can clearly trust JM of being real, as most of them are either broke, in jail or onto drugs – and it was interesting to follow some of the amateur footage and interviews to hear their side of the story.

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