Truckin' September 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 9: The number of the bitch

Today’s the 9th of the 9th of 2009. If you’re a geek with a digital wristwatch that’ll be 09.09.09. WHICH IS THE NUMBER OF THE BEACH! Before you ask; whichever beach you want it to be. Incidently it also means a new issue of Truckin’. Coincidence??! I think not! Especially since it was released days […]

Truckin' June 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 6: Happy B-day Truckin!

The literary e-zine Truckin’ turned seven years old this month, congratulations everyone! I’ve penned three stories for Truckin’ this past week, but since they are still in editing you won’t find them online just yet. I’ll give you a heads up when they are available. Meanwhile, Pauly writes: The June edition of Truckin’ marks the […]