Final Count

I know it is one hour before time, but the scores are pretty uneven right now, and since me and my roommate are going to have a beer pretty soon I found it better to finish this off now than having to wait untill tomorrow (fat boy).

Here are the final results of the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003 competition:

1. Angelina Jolie: 33%
2. Milla Jovovich: 29%
3. Katie Holmes: 25%
4. Jenna Jameson: 4%
5. Alizee Jacotey: 2%
6. t.A.T.u: 1%
7. Alyssa Milano: 0%
    Mili Avital: 0%
    Christina Ricci: 0%
    Anck Su Namun: 0%
    Anna Paquin: 0%
    Princess Leia: 0%

Final number of votes: 502

The winner, beautiful Angelina Jolie, became the winner with the honorable amount of 165,7 votes while on 2nd sexy Milla Jovovich 145,6 votes had been cast. The charming Katie Holmes who had the lead for a while back and also stole the pollposition from Jenna Jameson got a total of 125,5 votes. Congratulations to all 12, in our eyes you’re all winners (with perhaps a few exceptions on my behalf:) and let’s not forget miss Angelina Jolie who pulled it through and was strong from the very beginning of the election.

It is my honor to officially state that the title of ms. Sigg3 dot net of the year 2003 goes to Angelina Jolie. Congrats!

Also thanks to all of the women’s lawyers for not throwing a lawsuit in my face or anything. What will happen next? I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! Good night and once again: Congratulations, Angie, and welcome to Sigg3 dot net! (Oh, and thanks to all of my, Pauly’s and Mirza’s (among other’s) readers for participating. This election would’ve been pretty boring without you!) Now, what do you think about the contest?

Thoughts on existentialism

I just read in a wiki-article about one of the 2 parts that this guy ment made up existentialism: Hell is other people and Pain is conciousness.

Here’s an excerpt I think we all should have a look at:
This paradox, that the only thing that can save you from the pain of conciousness is another being, but that being will rebel at being used solely in that way, is what the existentialists mean when they say ‘Hell is other people.’ I can not argue against this statement.. Shit.

Here’s the reverted article Wikipedia: Existentialism and here is the old one: Wikipedia: Existentialism – Talk. Worth a look.

KAS: Kill all Salsa

Music is obligatory in my life. I must have it. Good music, that is. In that sense, I am here to announce that I am starting an organization called KAS: Kill All Salsa, since that intellectually poor excuse for rythm is driving me mad. At all times. God, I really hate Salsa.

Anyway, what are friends for? They are for lending me their stereo and their CDs so I can have a good time! Like my neighbours on the 3rd floor, who’s got Nirvana‘s Nevermind and The muddy banks of something something (I never remember the name, but it’s an incredible livealbum). In addition, MTV Latino America comes out of the closet every once in a while with Radiohead and R.E.M and the likes.. Great. Yesturday I got my hands on themes from 8 Mile with four or five tunes my mr. hip-hop himself – Eminem, and I really blasted that stereo all night. But now, walking across the street to check my e-mail and have a cup of crappy coffe I was attacked by the annoying odour of Salsa yet again. God how I hate salsa.

Not that Buena Vista Socialclub accompanied by Afrocuban allstars aren’t kicking it, because they really do, but they are the only one around here that does. I mean, how many times can you stand hearing about how much that person love that other person?

I’ve been impressed by Mexican music, however. There are some really great shit going on in the underground over there, and you should honestly have a look at Molotov and Control Machete. It’s in Spanish, so it limits the level of comprehension, but who cares? It’s great music and you do get the picture of what they’re trying to say (i.e. "So, you’re trying to hit us, but now we’ll hit you back." from Molotov’s Hit me back, which is quite funny).

Please use the comment feature, or e-mail me, YOUR thoughts on the crap we know as Salsa – the dance too if you want to – so we can get started cleaning the world of this unnecessary, annoying rubbish, and in one voice clearly state that what we want to do to improve the world is to KILL ALL SALSA. Thanks.

(Note: The name of the Nirvana album is From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah which was released in 1995.)

400 votes passed!

But is it possible to reach 500 by tomorrow? Who knows…?

Here’s a little count on votes (at 2:28 p.m Cuban time), just a little brainwork.
Number of votes: 430 (we need at least 70 more!!)

1. Milla Jovovich: 32% (137,6 votes)
2. Angelina Jolie: 28% (120,4 votes)
3. Katie Holmes: 26% (111,8 votes)
4. Jenna Jameson: 5% (21,5 votes)
5. Alizee Jacotey: 2% (8,6 votes)
6. t.A.T.u: 1% (4,3 votes)
7. Anna Paquin: 0%
   Princess Leia: 0%
   Mili Avital: 0%
   Christina Ricci: 0%
   Anck Su Namun: 0%
   Alyssa Milano: 0%

Now, when you can see the "Final count" header appearing, then the voting is over. No arguing will be accepted.

Now, we need your vote!

Pissing against the wind

Do you know what I really hate? Having to pay to take a piss.
I mean. It´s like the executioner is standing there with his gun to
your forehead and asks you to pay for the bullet. Like.
Pissing is an act of Nature, something we all must do, so asking for
money in order to give you the right to do it is contradictory.
It´s like suing someone for being someone.
It´s just like that and it really pisses me off! Now, if you´ll excuse me…

U.S Declares war on Norway and vice versa!

Two of our frontmen, since I am supposed to be somewhat neutral in this matter, mr. Mirza (djMIB) and mr. Pauly (Tenzin McGrupp) from Norway and the U.S of A (respectively) have declared war on each other´s choice of Female of the year 2003.

On Mirza´s frontpage you can now read the following message (among others) directed towards all Norwegians about his Angelina Jolie campaign (interpreted by yours truly):
The battle has come down to America and Europe (specifically Norway). Allright! This is why we must make Norway and Europe proud of us. Engage all you know, don´t let the Americans win this battle! First and foremost, vote for Angelina Jolie! If Milla wins then Norway has lost, but it´s not as bad as if Katie Holmes should win. In addition to be incredible beautiful, Jolie does her part of making the world a better place (she´s a Goodwill Ambassador in the UN)!
While on the other side of the battle, the Americans are going for Katie Holmes using slogans such as: "The good… Ms. Katie Holmes, the lovely, the talented, the girl next door we all love." Here´s an excerpt on mr. Pauly´s attack on the Norwegian and European voters: It boils down to this: the US (and my one Canadian reader) versus Norway and the rest of the Eurotrash, non-showering, chainsmoking, butt-cheese… I don’t know about you, but I think this is a classic battle of good and evil. While also mentioning something about the Evil Norwegian Goth-like Junta. Interesting.

Somehow the picture is painted like this: Americans vote for Holmes, Norwegians vote for Jolie, while Europeans in general vote for Jovovich.

Here´s the current score among the top three ladies (at 10:55 Cuban time):
1. Milla Jovovich: 30%
2. Angelina Jolie: 29%
3. Katie Holmes: 26%

I refuse to comment this situation in order to stay neutral, allthough Mirza has claimed me impartial by the excerpts of Pauly´s campaign on my site. A delicate matter indeed! But let men (and women) settle this in men´s (and women´s) fashion: go ahead and vote!

Just a short note…

I got an A on my examen philosophicum midterm exam, on subjects concerning Socrates. Too bad I can`t party.. We`ve got our oral examn on Thursday.. Or I do, anyway.. See ya!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, when talking about the trip we did and all: I was forced to deliver a 2hr long speach on why I (easily) could compare Adolf Hitler to Mother Theresa, while consuming great amounts of beer.