Thoughts after reading Kafka's "The Trial"

I’ve just finished reading Kafka’s “The Trial” (a.k.a Der Prozess (de) and Prosessen (no)) which is supposed to be one of world literature’s better works. The version I’ve read is the ‘critical edition’ which is closer to Kafka’s own writing and also has fragments of unfinished and cut-out chapters, which I hope will cast additional […]

"Superstrange" news from the Sierra Leone conflict

This is pretty old news, dated 2001, but its value to us is uncategorical: (unedited excerpt on RUF Fighters killed near Liberia border!) "Independent reports from Makeni and Kenema state that Superman was killed in a bloody ambush near the Liberian border. (…) In Makeni, two RUF rebels, Tito and Raster explained that Superman was […]


As some of you might have heard, I’m going to join the civil army this month. This is a non-violent alternative for Norwegian youngsters like myself (AS IF), listening to Eminem’s Amityville, but it involves alot of sneeking around the papermill which makes out the Norwegian Justice Departement’s bureaucracy (red tape). The coming Sunday, however, […]