Thoughts after reading 'pervert-literature'

or so they call it. Yes. I’ve just finished Marquis de Sade’s ‘Justine’ and Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’, both falling into this category – pervert-literature – made up by the ignorant and blind. (Read more about the respective authors; here (de Sade) and here (Nabokov), from Wikipedia.) Now that I’ve offended 50% of the readers I […]

Poll #6: Should I continue with my short 'from the office' stories?

Lately I’ve been posting a few thoughts from the office, a random result of boredom, and I was wondering wether you enjoyed reading them or not by telling me wether I should continue posting them or not. Wether I actually follow your advice or not, however, is something completely different. Consider it as feedback. If […]