From Bislet to Grønnland (and hopefully not back again)

As you’ve gathered from the previous newsflashes on my current situation, my civil service for the Kingdom of Norway has begun. For 13 – thirteen – months I’ll be working for close to nothing, as a deliveryboy and fax-machine-operator at the research institute known as Fafo institute Applied International Studies (FAFO AIS). The work I […]

Kaada on tour!

Kaada tells his fan about his new tour in the latest newsletter. They begin next week and the dates/places looks something like this: 26/02 Bergen, Hulen 27/02 Ørsta, Rust 28/02 Trondheim, Samfundet 01/03 Store Studio, NRK1 06/03 Oslo, Blå I’ll have to see wether I get the time to check him out. He’s cool. "That’s […]

Download the latest version of Microsoft Words for free (totally legal)!

Words are out that our beloved dictator and marketing genius, mr. Bill Gates, has announced that his latest version of Words®™ is out. "This final version is guaranteed to allow American-English writing and auto-completes sentences with words that rhymes with the beginning of it." In addition, it is totally free! Gates says that this has […]