I just got off the phone with my cousin, admin of kekepower.com, who assured me that the server would be up in less than 6 hours (that should be at around 8 p.m this evening). Stay tuned folks! Oh, and thanks to kekepower for dealing with 50+ angry users and me, despite that we all […]

FOY nomination

Friends, the nomination of this year’s participants for Female Of the Year has begun. I’ve already received two submissions, good ones too, but they have both ignored the forth rule of this year’s contest: All suggestions and requests to nominees MUST contain a 50-word explanation of why just this woman should be part of the […]

Dave's Daily: Teenager Dumped By Chat-Room Girlfriend

CYBERSPACE – Joey Passmore is alone. The 14-year-old Internet enthusiast recently lost his cyber-girlfriend and computer soulmate, LUV_U2, and he’s not sure how to deal with the confusing new emotions that have begun to stir inside him. "I don’t understand," moped Joey. "I gave her my love, my devotion, and the IP’s of some private […]